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Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Solar System And Universe

Solar System And Universe

Solar system is collection of celestial bodies that consists of : Sun, planet, asteroid, meteor and comet. Another celestial bodies that found in solar system move orbiting the sun so the sun is their center.

Theory of Formation of Solar System

In the following is mentioned theory that support the occurrence of solar system stated by several experts.

1. Kant’s Theory

This theory is stated by Immanuel Kant from Germany (1724-2804). According to Kant’s theory:
“That solar system comes from one gas ball of high temperature and rotates slowly. The slow rotation causes the formation of matter concentration that has high specific weight. The concentration is called core, the big one lies in the middle, while the smaller part is found around earth’s core. Because of cooling process, the core with small volume becomes planets, while the core that has big volume becomes sun.”

2. Nebular Hypothesis

This theory is stated by a French astronomer that is Piere Simon Laplace (1749-1827). According to Laplace:
“Our solar system comes from gas ball (nebula) that has high temperature and rotates fast. Because of fast rotation, some of the fog or gass ball mass escape. The part that is escaped keep rotates, because the influence of cooling longer changes to be planets.”

3. Planetesimal Theory

The theory is stated by Moulton, an astronomer, and Chamberlain, a geologist. Both are American. According to planetisimal theory:
”That in fog is found dense material that scatters called planetesimal. This dense material that then attract each other among them, because of attraction force of each part, longer big clump is formed called Planet.”

4. Riptide Theory

This theory is stated by Jeans and Jeffery (1917), both are british scientist. According to riptide theory:
“That in ancient time, near the sun, passed a big star. Because the attraction force of the star, some of sun’s mass form lump to the direction of that star. Then together with movement away of that star, that lump of sun’s mass is attracted also forms cigar, then it is escaped from the sun. the mass of gas formed then is interrupted forms giant drop with various sizes. That gas drom longer freezes forming a planet.”

5. Proto Planet Theory

This theory is stated by Carl Von Weizsaecker, G.P.Kupier and Subrahmanyan Chandarasekhar. According to Proto Planet Theory:
“That around the sun is found gas fog that form lumps and periodically becomes dense lump. The gas lump is called Proto Planet.”